Tom Harris USA, Ep.XCIV

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In This Episode:

A tribute to Michael A. Griffin - 1962-2010

Music By M.A.G. & the Crimson Twins! (


  • Jeff Stachowski

    Thank you. What a wonderful rememberance of one of the most unique, interesting and GENUINE people I have had the pleasure to ever know. Micheal would have been pleased. :)

    I lost touch long ago with most of the Toasty Fried Co-Op after I moved away from Ft. Myers…but Micheal and I would talk every few years about anything and everything…for HOURS. (As he was wont to do…)

    It was always so easy to pick up years later and not have the conversation be awkward or strange. Though I have hundreds of acquaintances, I don’t have many *true* friends. Micheal was, and always will be a true friend.

    Not everyone understood him…but it was impossible not to like or be drawn to him. He touched many more people than he probably ways he never even knew.

    Jul 9, 2010 at 7:09 am