Tom Harris USA, Ep. IX Revisited

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Another of the infamous 'deleted episodes' is back!!

In this episode, from May 2009, I offer thoughts on JJ Abrams' "Star Trek", talk a little about the various iterations of the Star Trek franchise, and in the 2nd segment, I offer a pocket history of my days as a Christian and my thoughts on why I am no longer one.

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  • Steven but Atticus Stount to those in the know

    Steven “Atticus” Parker here. I speak from the position of one who was not brought up in a religious family, nor have gone through a conversion to an organised religion. I have however immersed myself in various kinds of spiritual thinking and find myself in something of a philosophical wasteland; I do not feel as if I’ve given up smoking but am rather lost in the woods without a compass. I suppose this is proof if ever there was need of such that religion/spirituality come into being; our cognitive tendencies are to seek order.

    To adumbrate a point before rambling on, I have a lot of respect for people who have freed themselves of the more fundamentalist, zealot form of Christianity. I would very much like to think that had I been brought up by Christians or snared in during my adolescence as you were, that the restless curiosity that threads through my personality would have made me question. Sadly, to paraphrase your “comfy sweater that has gone threadbare” I would quite possibly - no, very likely - have leapt from one life saver into another.

    The spiritual person’s mind sees patterns because it looks for them, and likewise puts meat on the bones of prophecies by subconsciously doing things to fulfill them.

    My brain is completely fried. Yes, I will probably view the tarot this evening. As I said, there is always a rubber ring handy.

    Nov 29, 2010 at 1:39 pm