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Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXIX

In This Episode:

Chicago weather forecasters, travel talk with LG, Chris Reardon's upcoming birthday, Robert in Iceland inspires me to talk about respect vs. tolerance, and some Critical Thinking 101!

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. LXI

Posted in religion, creationism, science, opinion, politics, truth, society, holidays, faith, food, cooking, weather by harrispodcast on December 26th, 2009

In This Episode:

How I spent my non-white Christmas, plus the return of the atheist pasta, and a discussion of "argument from authority"

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. LIX

In This Episode:

Does anyone learn morality in school? Robert in Iceland sends a holiday story, a comment from Trucker Tom, We don't know and probably never will, More about diploma mills.

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Tom Harris USA, Ep.LVIII

Posted in listeners, religion, creationism, science, evolution, politics, unemployment, job-hunting, podcasts, holidays, faith, weather by harrispodcast on December 14th, 2009

In This Episode:

It's all melted now. Holidays approaching! A new live internet radio show to try, unemployment being bad for the show, and a discussion of the internet leak of Kent Hovind's "doctoral dissertation"

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Tom Harris USA, Ep.LVI

Posted in philosophy, listeners, religion, superstition, science, evolution, opinion, truth, atheism, society, faith by harrispodcast on December 6th, 2009

In This Episode:

Winter is coming! I discuss at length my definition of what 'rationalism' is, and how that differs from atheism, faith vs. reason, also a comment from Doug and a few podcast recommendations.

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. XLIX

In This Episode:

They tend to be a bit fluffy, Two new listeners! Trucker Tom & Robert from Iceland! Doug doesn't care for audio comments, The Founding Fathers, I didn't see any elves, but I did see dolphins! Rush Limbaugh, has Star Trek been done to death?

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