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Tom Harris USA, Ep. X Revisited

At long last, the final "lost" episode is back!! Why'd it take so long? Well... I forgot... But here it is! So now you can thrill to Episode X, recorded in late May of 2009, judiciously edited and with a few new comments

In this episode I discuss telephone psychics, a Christian Star Trek quiz, and Bulent from Bulgaria sends me a book!

Music by The Crimson Twins!

Tom Harris USA, Ep.XC

Posted in philosophy, religion, superstition, opinion, psychics, psychic, truth, atheism, society, weather, magic, education, culture, ethics by TomHarrisUSA on June 9th, 2010

In This Episode:

The quality of light on the lake, really stupid pigeons, a sort-of-apology, the problem with mediums.

Music by the Crimson Twins,

Tom Harris USA, Ep. LXXXVII

Posted in listeners, shout-outs, atheism, music, podcasts, anime, movies, elves, weather, art, magic, culture by TomHarrisUSA on May 19th, 2010

In This Episode:

A report from Anime Central (ACEN 2010), a new Plain Dudes Radio is out, Has Robert from Iceland turned EEEEEEEeeeevil???

Music by The Crimson Twins,

Tom Harris Live - 5/1/10

The live show airs every Saturday at 10am CST (11am EST, 4pm GMT) on!

You can Skype in at: unitedkingdomradio , and please do!

This show featured calls from Ross Patzelt, Mikey Holt, and Gary Burton

Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXXIII

Posted in listeners, religion, superstition, science, evolution, opinion, politics, truth, atheism, society, holidays, elves, theatre, weather, magic by TomHarrisUSA on February 28th, 2010

In This Episode:

It's a Newspaper Clipping Special! - I discuss a new scientific finding that shows a correlation between high IQ and atheism, a new political movement in the USA that sounds interesting, the Slowest. Curse. EVER. and I answer a question for Ross Patzelt about how actors remember their lines.

Music By the Crimson Twins!


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