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Tom Harris USA, Ep.XCV

Posted in hiking, philosophy, listeners, religion, truth, atheism, society, family, faith, weather, morality, relationships, education, culture by TomHarrisUSA on July 14th, 2010

In This Episode -

In clarification of a point misinterpreted elsewhere - The three tiers of religion: Foundation, Doctrine, and The Individual - Also a couple of emails, Pigeon Watch, and the loss of Harvey Pekar.

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. LXXXV

In This Episode:

Cherry blossoms, ACEN is happening soon! Gary makes a good point, a double standard, how is mainstream religion any different from a spiritualist cult?

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Tom Harris Live - 5/1/10

The live show airs every Saturday at 10am CST (11am EST, 4pm GMT) on!

You can Skype in at: unitedkingdomradio , and please do!

This show featured calls from Ross Patzelt, Mikey Holt, and Gary Burton

Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXXXIII

In This Episode:

It's Convention Season Special! A report from C2E2 (which is not the same as R2D2) , Doing my audio testing for the upcoming live show, Some shout-outs! More thoughts on Christian syncretism and how people seem to be unaware of it, Also, how are you being manipulated by the media?

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. V ReLoaded

Posted in Europe, religion, history, truth, atheism, society, faith, Ireland, books, weather, education, culture by TomHarrisUSA on April 19th, 2010

It's C2E2 Weekend, so things are crazy here!

Please enjoy this representation of Tom Harris USA. Ep. V (one of the infamous "deleted episodes") and thrill to my discussion of Christian syncretism in Ireland, Emperor Julian II, and how Christianity led to the fall of the Roman Empire!

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Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXXXI

Posted in DefaultTag, philosophy, listeners, religion, science, opinion, history, politics, atheism, society, faith, morality, culture, ethics by TomHarrisUSA on April 9th, 2010

In This Episode:

A slightly more serious episode than normal, continuing the discussions from last episode. I talk about the moral equivalency, and some of the issues surrounding abortion and euthanasia, and read a comment from LG!

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. LXXX

Posted in philosophy, religion, opinion, history, truth, atheism, society, faith, morality, education, culture, ethics by TomHarrisUSA on April 4th, 2010

In This Episode:

It's a Conjunctival Hemorrhage Special! I talk about that red spot in my eye, reading glasses, and taxes. Also, a discussion of why people need to keep informed and educate themselves to avoid being manipulated, plus I reply to a comment from Scott regarding torture.

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Plain Dudes Radio: Conspiracy Theories

Posted in philosophy, superstition, opinion, history, politics, truth, society, faith, morality, conspiracy theories by TomHarrisUSA on February 18th, 2010

A little bonus content for all my listeners this week.

Hosted by Tom Harris of Tom Harris USA - A concise look at conspiracy theories, what they are and why people believe them. All the stuff that "THEY" don't want you to know!

Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXIX

In This Episode:

Chicago weather forecasters, travel talk with LG, Chris Reardon's upcoming birthday, Robert in Iceland inspires me to talk about respect vs. tolerance, and some Critical Thinking 101!

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Tom Harris USA, Ep. LXI

Posted in religion, creationism, science, opinion, politics, truth, society, holidays, faith, food, cooking, weather by TomHarrisUSA on December 26th, 2009

In This Episode:

How I spent my non-white Christmas, plus the return of the atheist pasta, and a discussion of "argument from authority"

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