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Tom Harris USA, Ep.LXVIII

Posted in travel, hiking, philosophy, listeners, religion, opinion, vegetarianism, psychics, politics, truth, atheism, podcasts, anime, weather by TomHarrisUSA on January 29th, 2010

In This Episode:

I cover some old ground by reintroducing myself for the fine folks listening in on United Kingdom Radio, thinking about trying a live show, some listener mail, human snails, and a chat about traveling by container ship!

Music by The Crimson Twins!

Tom Harris USA, Ep.XLVII

Posted in DefaultTag, philosophy, superstition, opinion, computer, truth, atheism, job-hunting, anime, movies, holidays by TomHarrisUSA on October 31st, 2009

In This Episode:

Just in time for Halloween, Scott and I chat about Christmas, I prefer a more casual environment, they've reaminated it! I'm probably kidding myself, it's a vintage theater in Chicago, latency would be bad!

Music by the Crimson Twins,

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